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Specialty Cherry Enhanced Meat

High Quality Products...

PLEVA'S MEATS, "The Sausage Capital," prides itself on premium high quality sausages.  We have mastered the art of sausage making by using the highest quality meat, cherries, specially blended seasoning and smoking with hard maple wood for an old-fashioned taste. We also offer a full line of high quality meats including Plevalean hamburger"cherry burger", beef jerky, and snack sticks.


A Healthy Alternative...

PLEVA'S MEATS makes a variety of sausage and meats for the growing number of consumers desiring a more health conscious diet. A key ingredient in our sausages is cherries, resulting in sausages that are lower in cholesterol, fat and sodium, and high in protein. It's hard to imagine our hot dogs can taste so good and be good for you too. A sausage for any meal, any time of the day!



8974 South Kasson Street, PO Box 42
Cedar, Michigan 49621
(231)-228-5000 - fax-(231)-228-7052
Hours: M-F 9:00- 6:00pm
Saturday 9:00- 5:00pm
Open Sundays mid June-Oct. 12-4pm