Plevalean "Cherry Burger" Meat

The Plevalean meat combines tart cherries with 91% lean ground beef to create a zesty hamburger product. The cherries reduce fat, calories, sodium and cholesterol, while maintaining taste, texture and juiciness. The cherry burger was patented in 1995 by Ray Pleva. Plevalean Burgers have found their way into school lunches across 17 states as well as many restaurants and other institutional settings. This burger has a great taste! Its hard to believe it is lean ground beef. Cherry hamburgers may be healthier for you than regular hamburgers, based on the results of a study by scientists researching this unusual combination. Adding cherries to hamburger meat retards spoilage and reduces the formation of suspected cancer-causing compounds known as HAAs (heterocyclic aromatic amines), according to researchers at Michigan State University (MSU). Previous research into the effect of combining cherry tissue with ground beef has shown the resulting product to be more than twice as low in fat, yet tender and more juicy than pure beef burgers.

cherry hamburger meat